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 Offical Clan Rules

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Founding Father Of DTA
Founding Father Of DTA

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PostSubject: Offical Clan Rules   Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:13 pm

The Death To All Offical Clan Rules

Every person on the Servers.

1. SpawnKilling is allowed on our server.

2. You are NOT allowed to just stay at spawn and give out health and ammo packs, drop a few and leave.

3. You MUST speak English on global chat and team chat. you are allowed to speak other languages on your buddies fire team or u can private message ppl.

4. DO NOT SPAM IN ANY WAY. That includes asking for a medic 20 times.

5. Keep your insults or whatever to a joking level, don't take anything seriously, many servers have already been ruined because of this, and ours will NOT be one of them.

6. Try not to have one team stacked with noobs and the other pros, switch teams if u have too it won't hurt you, and it would make the other players happy.

7. Please do not go around calling ppl better then u hackers, and don't complain either.

8. Long term AFK and specs are not tolerated, if u want to go AFK make sure u tell an DtA member, and make sure that it's not for a long time or you will be kicked.

9. Respect other players, or you will be kicked or banned.

10. DO NOT FIGHT OVER FOR UNIFORMS, the covert ops that KILLED the guy gets the uniform,
we don't care if you did all the work the person who got the last bullet in gets the uniform

11. DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF ANY DtA MEMBER OR PLAYER ON THE SERVER. (only exception is if u didn't know and it doesn't look exactly the same)

12. Getting rid of your own teammates mines will result in a kick or ban, and if the person planting mines plants mine so thier own teammates can't even move around then you will be kicked or banned too.

13. If you think one of our members are being unfair please make a post about it but, if it's a tiny matter then don't even bother, we will just ignore it.

14. Swearing is aloud to an extent..if u have a problem with swearing come to us...

15. No raceist words..or religious of makeing fun of....That will cause an INSTANT mute...


Members Only

14.1. Dont ask about levels or for positions -> u will get a level when the leader or owner want to give u <- members who complain or ask for levels anyway, they will lose one level from a leader or owner(doesnt matter what FT)

14.2. Be active on website - check out the news - and talk wit us guys -> when u know, that u are goin inactive for longer as 3 weeks (holiday, study or whatever), pls make a post before u go - then all leaders will be happy

14.3. Dont abuse ur power on our server - when u abuse -> u will kicked out of this clan

14.4. choosing and changing teams - choose ur fireteam wisely - when u wanna choose ur team without a good reason - u will get on trial again.............

15.|+ only fireteam leaders and owners +|

15.1. Only the fireteam owner or ft leader can set levels of their own ft members [example: echo leader CANNOT set alpha member]

15.2. pls be very strict with the rules 14.1. and 14.3. - after setting the level down, pls post on forum ->

Last edited by *DTA|DOOM|DTA* on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:35 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Making it easier to read.)
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Offical Clan Rules
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